CB Productions a Journey – Alumni

My family was invited to Peter Pan, our first CB show, by some friends that knew of the program and I was hooked. All I could think about was when and what the imageupcoming show was and when I would be old enough to actually AUDITION and be a part of a show. I’ve had a couple of different roles throughout my time with CB. Some of my favorites off the top of my head are: Tom Sawyer in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Long John Silver in Treasure Island and Doctor Watson in Sherlock Holmes. All gave me completely new and exciting characters and angles for me to learn and grow as an actor.


My favorite class would have to be a tie between the very first class I took, Improv, and the very last class I took, Advanced Scene Study. Improv provided me with a fantastic introduction that helped me open up as an actor, think on my toes and really experience the “playful” side of theater. Scene Study was much more thorough and meticulous. In that class we broke down certain methods and shows to better understand them from their roots, all while still being a whole lot of fun.

Carl Rosamilia



imageWhen I was younger my older siblings were involved with CBProductions. When I was about 8 I saw the second CBProductions show Anne of Green Gables. I have seen or been in every show since. Throughout the years I have ushered, helped with tickets, acted, and been the stage manager. No matter what I was doing, I remember receiving advice from Carla and learning through the whole experience. I am so thankful for everything I learned from Carla or other designers we got to work with. I use the skills I learned from CBProductions in my everyday life. From working with others, to perseverance.  – Teresa Polanszek



imageI started taking classes with CB Productions right from the beginning. I was Diana in the first production of Anne of Green Gables in 2003. It was one of my first acting experiences and I learned so much. I developed the ability to take risks and to trust others to create something amazing together.
My favorite class was Acting I because of how physical and crazy it seemed to me at the time. I especially loved doing “The Machine”. How awesome would it be to take Acting I again as an adult? I can just imagine twelve thirty year old adults making crazy machine noises. – Catherine Hughes


imageI first started taking CB Productions classes in the 8th Grade. Two of my older sisters had taken classes and been in a couple of shows, I thought it seemed fun so I gave it a try. I ended up taking classes all through highschool. CB productions taught me how important art is in our lives and that whatever it is that you do can be art. I learned about responsibility and how to think on my feet. My favorite part of every class or show that I was a part of was learning more about myself and being able to express that. – Mary Polnaszek