Daytime Classes

NEW 2020-2021 – We are moving to Mid-Metro Academy!

Join us at Mid-Metro’s Open House April 27, 2020

Saint Mark’s School Saint Paul 1983 Dayton Ave,

St Paul, MN 55104

We offer a progressive actor’s training program, directing, playwriting (and more) classes on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the academic year. Classes begin September 14, 2020 and continuing throughout the 2020-21 school year. To learn more about how to register to for daytime classes visit Mid-Metro Academy’s Website

NEW LOCATION – Mid-Metro will be housed at Saint Mark’s School in Saint Paul 1983 Dayton Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

Here is a run-down of the classes we are offering this year 2020/21:

Acting/Level I 

Mondays 10:30-12:00 

Wednesdays 12:30-2:00

Actors must complete Level I Acting with CB Productions before auditioning for our main stage shows.

The first in a series of our Actor’s Training Program-This is an extremely fun, high energy, and informative acting class that sets the groundwork for all other acting courses and stage work. Students will gain hands-on experience improving their acting skills while learning these important stage tools or techniques: how to enter, exit, cross, turn, gesture onstage, how to use your entire body to effectively communicate your character’s intentions, how to create effective and smooth transitions and believable stage business, and how to react spontaneously by listening, observing, focusing and reacting truthfully to what is happening.


Acting Level II 

Mondays 12:30-2:00

Prerequisite Acting Level I  

Second-year students deepen their skills and delve more thoroughly into character development and scene analysis, with emphasis on creating acting objectives and discovering scenes through character relationships. Students will investigate the physical and inner-workings of a character by participating in a more advanced set of improvisational exercises and age appropriate scenes and/or monologues selected from literature. Each session will culminate in a showcase performed for parents and friends on the last day of class.

Acting Level III

Wednesdays 10:30-12:00

Prerequisite Acting Leves I & II 

This advanced-level acting course will emphasize the importance of making strong, bold character choices and continue to explore and enrich acquired skills, including physical and vocal work, characterization, emotional truth and availability, active pursuit of an objective and ensemble storytelling. This important class for honing skills and taking greater risks culminates in a spring performance project performed at the “Night of the Arts.”

Other classes not offered in 2020/21

Shakespeare Unlocked

Not Offered 2020/21

Prerequisite Completed Level II with CB Productions or by special permission from Tutor

This in-depth scene study class will magically unlock Shakespeare’s code so that the actor can easily portray the rich characters and understand the beautiful words that are written on the page. Once students learn the key for reading this exquisite language, they will easily understand character intentions, double meaning and be able to apply these skills to any acting project. This important class for unlocking Shakespeare and his complex stories, culminates in a spring performance project performed at “Night of the Arts.”


Not Offered 2020/21

Improv! will push students to think faster, make stronger choices, and trust their instincts without the fear and anxiety of planning. Students will learn the basic improvisation concept of “Yes, and..” plus discover how a scene can be created through agreement. As the session progresses students will begin to learn elements of structure for performance and create fully improvised scenes with more than two performers. (Work will be done in short and long form.) This is a fun and absolutely necessary class for the beginning or seasoned actor.

Teen Leadership Through Drama

Not Offered in 2020/21

Prerequisite Acting Level II, Summer Boot Camps or Fast Track

Fall Semester: Teen Leadership Through Drama – Performing for young audiences

This high energy and FUN intermediate-advanced level acting class is the place where we will explore the techniques of acting for very young audiences. We will take traditional children fables and stories and work to shape them, rewrite and add our own twists to make them fun and exciting. The class will utilize a TON of Improvisation and get you creative juices flowing. At the culmination of the session we will tour to 2-3 local daycares to put our production to the test! Thi course is PERFECT for anyone interested in teaching, or working as a youth director in your church.

Spring Semester: Teen Leadership Through Drama – Leading and directing drama activities

This class will be a continuation of the Semester ONE but students will wear a different hat by learning how to structure and teach theater games, direct/adapt small plays and skits, and gain skills of working with young audiences.

Advanced Scene Study 

Not Offered 2019/2020

Prerequisite Acting Levels I & II 

This advanced acting course covers a vast array of acting styles and philosophies designed by the great acting teachers (Stanislavski, Meisner, Uta Hagen, Strassburg and Stella Adler). Students will experience some of their acting exercises and apply learned techniques to chosen dramatic scenes and monologues from award winning plays. Students should be prepared to read and discuss a variety of scripts/scenes throughout the year. Chosen scenes will be performed at the end of the year for The Night of the Arts.

Play Writing

Not Offered 2019/2020

Prerequisite Acting Levels  I & II 

Playwriting Lab: Through in-class writing exercises, at-home writing assignments, class discussions, and in-class readings of participants’ work, writers will learn the essentials of good playwriting, including character motivation, plot structure, dialogue, dramatic conflict, as well as proper formatting. Writers will have the opportunity to share their work in a supportive and challenging environment. Some pieces will be chosen to perform at The Night of the Arts.

Directing Lab

Not Offered 2019/2020

Prerequisite Acting Levels I & II

Directing Lab: Students interested in directing plays will learn the basic elements of directing (composition, picturization, pantomimic dramatization, movement, rhythm, tempo) by following and actively participating in a step-by-step process with the class.  Each concept is learned progressively and the approach is completely experiential allowing his/her own personal directing style to emerge. Directing students will get hands-on directing experience working with students from the Level I class (meeting at the same time).