Dedicated Designer: Greg Membrez

Dedicated Designers


Greg Membrez – Music Designer 


Greg Membrez is a music enthusiast who has been diligently working since January to complement the striking visuals of CB Productions’ Robin Hood with a rich audio component. Using a blend of live music and original composition, Greg seeks to enhance and complete this period piece with medieval melodies.


Robin Hood will be Greg’s third show with CB Productions; he also worked alongside Carla Barwineck to bring live music to Red Badge of Courage in 2008 and to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in 2010. With his undergraduate degree in classical piano and his studies of jazz, Middle Eastern music, traditional Irish, and rock and roll, Greg is now researching medieval music and sharing his learning with Robin Hood’s audiences.


In a recent interview, Greg hoped to answer some questions the audience might have about his role as musical director for Robin Hood.


What is your creative process as musical director?

At home, I spend lots of time looking on YouTube, listening to medieval music. I search the Internet for music from the time period, both written and auditory. Sometimes medieval music exists online without written music, so I have to do musical transcriptions, where I listen to a song and write out the notes. This isn’t hard for me but just takes time. My job for Robin Hood has two parts: working with the actors on live music, and composing music. The music I compose will appear in some of the scene changes, and will also underscore some of the fight scenes. I compose the music on my computer, using sampled instruments.


What is unique about the music for Robin Hood?

The medieval aspect of this music is what makes it unique. In my research, I have been discovering instruments from the time period. The bagpipe, whistles, and recorder are some of the instruments used today that were also used back then. I also discovered some funny instruments I’ve never heard of before, such as the hurdy-gurdy. My compositions feature a lot of bagpipe.


What do you want the audience to notice about your design for Robin Hood?

I want audiences to notice that the music in the underscoring and the scene changes is as authentic as possible. For the underscoring, I chose medieval instruments and based my compositions off of medieval music I’ve heard. I would love for the audience to appreciate the authenticity of that music.


With countless hours of time, research, and creativity, Greg has produced music that will give Robin Hood an authentic medieval atmosphere. He has also worked with the actors who will bring the musical characters like Alan-a-Dale and the storytelling troubadours to life. This March 31 – April 9, come and see, or rather hear, what Greg has been working on since January. Buy your tickets today; your ears are in for a treat!