Dedicated Designers: Tracy Maas

Dedicated Designers

Tracy Maas – Stage Combat Choreographer 


 Tracy Maas is a certified actor/combatant who brings all her skill in choreographing stage combat to the many vigorous fight scenes in CB Productions’ Robin Hood. With a variety of one-on-one sword fights, huge combat scenes, and various kicks, hits, and punches, each move that Tracy has added will enhance the exciting conflict of the show: Robin Hood and merry band against Sheriff of Nottingham and foresters.

Working with CB Productions for over 10 years, Tracy now is eagerly assisting another young cast. First and foremost, Tracy helps everyone stay safe, despite the complexity of having 20+ young people simultaneously fighting with limited stage space.

In a recent interview, Tracy gives insight into her job as stage combat choreographer for Robin Hood.


Why do you love designing for theater productions?
I’ve loved acting in shows since the 6th grade. During my college experience I started taking stage-fighting workshops and found that I enjoyed it and was pretty good at it.


What is your creative process as stage combat choreographer?
I find I work well when I’m given boundaries, like where the fight is happening on stage, how long the director wants the fight to be, which characters get hurt or killed, and how the director wants the fight to end. The director usually gets this information from the script, the storyline, and the nature of each character. After Carla gives me some guidelines, it’s my job to work with the actors to create safe and realistic combat. I love working with actors to come up with moves that seem natural to them so that the fights are believable for the audience.


What do you want the audience to notice about your design for Robin Hood?
The unique aspect of Robin Hood’s combat is that there is A LOT of broadsword fighting. Every time that this show is performed, I just want the fights to be safe for the actors and believable for the audience.


The amazing thing about Tracy’s work is that after countless hours of choreography, repetition, and coaching, the fights that hit the stage are intense and extremely real. This is an amazing theater illusion, because no one actually gets hurt! Because of Tracy’s careful coaching, both the actor who throws a punch and the actor who gets punched have learned to commit their entire body to the move. Even though no contact is made, the resulting stage combat is extremely realistic. This March 31 – April 9, come and enjoy Tracy’s colorful sword fights, comedic stage slaps, and carefully choreographed combat. You won’t want to miss the excitement!