Inside Look – Robin Hood Cast

Savanna Beaurline

Character: Beatrice

How is it working with a cast of this size?

The wonderful thing about having a large cast is getting to meet and work with so many new and fun people.  I am an extrovert so interacting with many people energizes me.


What do you do to prepare for rehearsal?

Before I go into rehearsal I always look over the scene we are going to block or polish for that day so I can have a clear image in my head of what I need to do.  Nothing is worse than coming to a rehearsal unprepared and making the cast and director frustrated. Always be prepared!


How has playing this character changed your perspective of the story?

Playing this character has made me realize that even though I don’t have very many lines, being a part of a production is still a lot of hard work!  The intensity of the fight scenes in this production gave me renewed respect and admiration for the complexity of action plays such as Robin Hood.


How has being a part of this show helped you grow as an actor? What have you learned so far?

First of all, I would have been happy just being cast as a tree! Just being a part of one of Carla’s plays, in any capacity, is a great honor and achievement! Carla doesn’t accept anything but our best…so she has taught all of us to stretch ourselves and really think!