Inside Look – Robin Hood Cast

Young Artist Interviews

Robin Hood- not quite a musical, but yes there will be a LOT of LIVE MUSIC! We caught up with one of the actors/musicians who will be playing and singing in the show to share with you what this experience is like! Check it out:
Actor/Musician: Joe Norberg  

Character: Alan-A-Dale
What is the music process like? I am handed music which I practice and then 1x a week we practice with our music director.  It is challenging to play onstage in character! When we practice altogether it is super fun!
How do you prepare for rehearsal? Make sure I am fully memorized, look up words in the script that I don’t know.
What is it like working with a cast of this size? A little bit crazy sometimes, a lot of people onstage means you really need to focus on your part.  But it is fun to get to know the new people.
How has playing your character changed your perspective of the story? Seeing Robin’s forces from the inside and not just watching from afar, helps me understand what life might have been like for these surfs and common folk.
How have you grown so far? This is one of the biggest roles I’ve played and the constant stage time helps push me to discover new things in my character.  And has helped me learn that I need to put in just as much time outside of rehearsal as in it.