The Making of Robin Hood

Directors Corner – March 2017

A Note from Carla


How it takes a village of artists, loving support of family and friends and a LOT OF HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!

Yes, of course we do theater because it is fun and entertaining; and of course we artists LOVE every minute of what we do, but producing a well-crafted 3-dimensional show takes more than that. It takes hours of hard work, dedication and a LOT of people to create a show of this size. There are so many people who are involved in the building of a show who work endlessly, not only onstage but behind the scenes – and this show is no exception.

The story of Robin Hood has always been a favorite of mine (of course, all who know me understand that I am a HUGE fan of the Errol Flynn, 1938 movie – corny as it is) so reviving this hilarious and fast paced script, after a 10 year gap, brought back all the old excitement of this legend to the forefront for me. As you can well imagine, staging an adventure of this magnitude, is a HUGE undertaking, so I have employed several professional theater artists from the Twin Cities who will share their talents with us.

We are fortunate, once again, to work with Heidi Carls’ fantastic costume design. She has a true talent for pulling/recreating costumes we have in storage and making them into a colorful entourage of moving art pieces, plus creating/building new designs that are perfect to help a accentuate character’s personality.

I am also excited for you to see the beautiful set designed and built by our newest set designer, Zachary Morgan. He has created a wonderful world for this story to live in and a great place for these lively characters to come to life: a huge climbable tree, mulit-levels, moving and reusable set pieces to help create several locals.

Some of the earliest legends of Robin Hood were told through written ballads, though not necessarily sung. For this show I decided to enlist the help of composer/musician, Greg Membrez, to help locate and teach some new ballads of Robin Hood to our actors to help tell the story. He is also composing some original pieces to underscore the numerous fight scenes and scene changes.

Of course, a swashbuckling adventure is never complete without a fast-paced and well-staged fight scene. There is nothing better than to watch a group of dedicated young actors committed to making the fight believable, yet keeping it controlled and SAFE! To help us with this mission we have once again brought on fight coordinator, Tracy Maas who has choreographed several of our past productions; Robin Hood (2007), Red Badge of Courage (2007) Oliver Twist (2008) and Treasure Island (2013) to name a few.

We of course I could never produce a show OF ANY SIZE without enlisting the help of numerous parents, families and friends to help with the huge undertaking of things such as prop creation/collection, baking/selling concessions, ushering, sewing, building, buying and overall support.

So that is our village! I am honored to bring the talents of all of these people together to bring YOU the best show we possibly can. I am telling you DO NOT DELAY on purchasing your tickets, one show is completely SOLD OUT and many more are very near. We even added an extra show just in anticipation of an Sold out run. Be sure to go to our site and buy your tickets TODAY! Join our village, for a show isn’t complete without YOU!

See you there!

Carla Barwineck