Then and Now Interviews – Benvolio

Kyriana Heaps

Role in CBP’s 2018 Romeo and Juliet: Benvolio

I am currently a junior in high school and am attending PSEO at the University of Minnesota. Although I am unsure of my plans after high school, I am certain that I will always make an effort to keep the arts in my life.

Being involved in theater has affected my life in so many aspects that it is hard to imagine the person I would be if I did not participate in theater. Just one example: Because of theater, I have been able to relate to characters I normally would not have. Not only do I see the situation presented and the choices made, I am able to act out and put myself in the mindset of that character. No matter how different they are from me, I am taught something new from each role I play.

List all the CBP shows you’ve been involved in. List any other theater experiences you have had since participating. 

  • Alice in Wonderland (2014)
  • The Miracle Worker (2014)
  • Oliver Twist (2016)
  • Emma (2016)
  • Robin Hood (2017)
  • Our Town (2017)


What has been one of your favorite memories of being in Romeo and Juliet?

I have (and always have) enjoyed witnessing the transformation of words on a page to a scene. Especially with this show, we have had to put extra work into not only understanding the words given to us in the script but also bringing them to life for the audience. Shakespeare’s language can seem foreign and sometimes is hard to follow if it is simply read, but when it is acted out with facial expressions, body movements, and vocal intonation to color the words, the meanings are much clearer.


Describe the character you play in the show and list some characteristics of your character that you admire.

Benvolio is the cousin of Romeo and a Montague. The name Benvolio directly translated from Latin means well-wisher. This is the main role that Benvolio plays in the story. She does not approve of the rivalry between the Montagues and Capulets and tries to create peace between them. Benvolio is also a sort of counselor to Romeo throughout the play, listening to him, guiding him, and doing her best to cheer him up. I admire her loyalty to her friends and how she simply wishes well to all those around her.

What are the challenges are you facing while working on Romeo and Juliet?

One of the main challenges I have found while working on my character is not only saying the lines but applying movements and intonation to them in a way that is clear to the audience.

Briefly highlight what are you learning from this show. How will you apply your learning to your life beyond the show? 

During this process, because of my background in dance, I had the opportunity to teach the dancing section of the Capulet’s party. It was a unique experience that I am thankful to have been given because I was able to learn a lot about teaching large groups and communicating in clear ways to different learning styles.


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