Then and Now Interviews – Juliet

Miriam Warren

Role in CBP’s 2018 Romeo and Juliet: Juliet Capulet

I’m sixteen years old and in tenth grade. Acting is definitely a huge passion of mine and I plan to (at the very least) always keep it in my life to some extent, but I am also considering making it my career.

Being in theatre has definitely had a huge hand in helping me become who I am today. It’s broken me out of my comfort zone time and time again, and constantly pushes me to be curious, ask questions, learn more about myself, and strive to be the best me that I can be in the moment. It has also challenged my brain to think in different ways, as well as helped me better understand how my brain works. Theatre has essentially helped to some extent with every area of my life!


List all the CBP shows you’ve been involved in. List any other theater experiences you have had since participating. 

  • Oliver Twist (2016)
  • Emma (2016)
  • Robin Hood (2017)

I have also taken Acting One, Acting Two, Acting Three, and am currently in Advanced Acting with CB Productions.


What has been one of your favorite memories of being in Romeo and Juliet?

It’s hard to pin down a favorite memory of my experience so far, because I love every minute of the rehearsal process, even and especially when it gets challenging! But one thing I know I’ll remember is just how supportive everyone is of each other, and how loving this community is.



Describe the character you play in the show and list some characteristics of your character that you admire.

Juliet is such an interesting character to me, and probably my favorite character yet! She starts out as a very sweet, innocent girl, but begins to change as soon as she meets Romeo.  It’s fascinating to me to see how she changes and rebels against her parents, but that she never loses that sweet, loving innocence throughout the play. I highly admire Juliet’s maturity, her passion, and the beauty she sees in the world.


What are the challenges are you facing while working on Romeo and Juliet?

Some challenges I’ve had so far are, first of all, learning how to fit everything into my schedule. Apart from that, it’s always difficult as an actor (and as a human) to push myself and allow myself to be pushed, but at the end of the day know that I’ve worked hard and am doing the best that I can. This is something I know I, and most likely everyone else in the world, will be working on my entire life.


Briefly highlight what are you learning from this show. How will you apply your learning to your life beyond the show? 

I’ve already learned so much from this show! I’ve learned to not always be so hard on myself, I’ve learned that I definitely could use more practice dancing (but that it’s a heck of a lot of fun!), I’ve learned to let myself have a little more fun in life.  And I’ve found, as always, so many more reasons to love acting every time I go into rehearsal or work on a scene by myself.