Re-Staging of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Dear Tom Sawyer Ticket Holders, 

I want to begin by saying thank you so much for your patience and support throughout this shutdown and for your understanding of the sudden postponement of our show, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” We all were extremely disappointed to have to make that decision. The actors, band and tech took the news of our shutdown very hard for they were beginning to realize just how much they were about to lose (the show, graduation ceremonies and celebrations, prom, award banquets, friends). However, they reluctantly understood that while it was a very difficult decision, it was a necessary one. 

Ever since the shutdown YOU (our audience) have constantly been on my mind. We were so close to performing this show and very excited to share with you what we had created when the shutdown hit.  Now we need to complete what we started; finish the show and add that final piece to the puzzle – you – the audience. We owe it to ourselves, and we owe this to you. I have spent the last few months brainstorming with my designers and analyzing the best ways to perform the show while trying to keep everyone safe during this pandemic: cast, band, crew, designers and audience alike. Now that the State is slowly reopening we have decided that the best possible answer is that …

Yes you heard right! We are remounting this show for you and filming it for all paid ticket holders to watch online. Now this will not be just another show performed on ZOOM with each of us shooting our parts in our bedrooms. Nope! I am partnering with the best team ever to design and shoot the entire production using several cameras from start to finish while on location, utilizing both the inside and outside of a small barn located on a beautiful piece of countryside just north of the Twin Cities. I have also been busy reworking the script and re-blocking the show so that actors will remain safe while performing.

Once the video is shot and edited we will make the show available ONLINE for a limited time to ticket holders only! Purchasers will be sent a link and a password to a site where you will be able to view the show at your convenience during the week of August 7-15, 2020. Then on that special day you and your family will have front row seats right in the comfort of your own home where you can settle in for a night filled with laughter, entertainment and watch this wonderful piece of American literature come to life before your eyes. 

I am excited and thrilled to finally share this incredible show with you and know you will agree that presenting the show online is the best possible solution during this unpredictable and unprecedented time. 

Eyes To the Future: Needless to say the COVID 19 shutdown has caused havoc on small businesses throughout our country, especially small arts organizations such as CB Productions. Over the years, CBP has purposefully kept ticket prices low so that more families can enjoy high quality arts together, but due to our ever-rising production costs we have had to become dependent upon selling to large audiences to meet our budget needs. While I support the rules that are in place, limiting the size of large gatherings due to the infectious nature of the virus, I have decided “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer “ will be CB Productions’ FINAL SHOW. While CBP will continue to offer acting classes throughout this upcoming school year at Mid Metro Academy, Beacon Homeschool, and the Church of St Paul Education Ministries, we will no longer offer main-stage productions. 

So I am inviting you to be a part of CBP History – THE FINAL CHAPTER. I am so happy we get to celebrate one more show together! I will be in touch in the early part of July with updates, pictures of our progress, ideas of how you can enjoy the show while watching online and of course will send you, our ticket holders, the private link for viewing. If you know of anyone who has NOT purchased tickets for Tom Sawyer but would like to view our final production, there will be an opportunity for them to do so with information coming out in a couple weeks.

Thank you again for your understanding, patience and support. See you in August.  

All My Love,

Carla Barwineck (CB)
Artistic Director of CB Productions