Student Spotlight – Kaitlin

Student Spotlight:


Kaitlin McLeod 

16-year-old Kaitlin McLeod just participated in her first class with CB Productions: Improvisation. During this class she learned skills like how to spontaneously create characters, think on her feet, and act in the moment. In a recent interview, Kaitlin encourages others to take classes because of the friendships that form between students and the energetic in-class activities.


What do you enjoy about acting class? 

I love how the class forces the students to be very close with each other. If you want to have a good scene, you have to support each other and encourage the other characters. At the start of class each week, we say something that happened to us in the past week. All in all, it just seems like we all grow closer together. Plus, as we play certain games I get to create some really crazy characters and just let loose. In this class I have played an elderly woman, a child, a dismembered character, and many others. It’s very fun.


What is one thing you have learned from acting class?

This class has taught me to think on my feet in real life situations. After a few weeks of taking this class, I found myself in a potentially unsafe situation. Because of improvisation, I was able to react suddenly and stay safe. I have also learned that it is okay to open your mind and play characters that are out of your comfort zone.


Would you encourage other people to take an acting class? Why? 

I would totally encourage other people to take an acting class. Acting is like opening up a new part of the world! Between supportive students and incredible directors, anyone who takes one of these acting classes will end up growing in so many good parts of their lives, such as relationships and overall acting abilities.