Student Spotlight: Nathan Martinson

Student Spotlight:

Nathan Martinson

Nathan Martinson is a 10th grader who has recently gotten involved with CB Productions. He has participated in Acting 1, Stage Combat workshops, Audition Workshops, and is just completing Acting 2. In a recent interview, Nathan demonstrates how he has grown to love acting and how acting classes help him academically.




What do you enjoy about acting classes?

I really enjoy the opportunity to portray various characters that acting classes provide. It’s extremely fun getting in the mindset of someone who thinks and behaves differently than I normally would. This year, my favorite class activity was blocking scenes from The Diary of Anne Frank. The play has such great, layered characters, and it’s exciting to act out their interactions with one another. I love creating a character using their beliefs and ideas and being able to bring that character to life through my performance.

How has acting helped you in other academic areas?

Because of acting, I am to use my voice and body language in many new ways. I have learned how to perform in front of a crowd and collaborate with other people more effectively. I also learned to be flexible and work under pressure. All of these are important skills to know, and each of them is a great help in many other academic areas. Most of all, I think acting can build self-confidence, which is not only necessary for acting but for many other aspects of life.

Would you encourage other people to take an acting class? Why?

I would definitely encourage other people to take an acting class, even if they have never really taken an interest in acting before. It is a great opportunity to use your body, voice, and brain, and it is immensely fun! I didn’t think I would care for it until I started Acting 1, and now acting is one of my favorite activities that I look forward to every week.