CB’s Final Main Stage Performance

Written and Directed by Carla Barwineck

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, postponed from April, 2020 will be available to ALL CURRENT and NEW Ticket Holders through streaming August 7-18, 2020.

You heard right! Since we can’t safely present the show to you live, CB Productions is doing the next best thing and bringing the show to you, right in the safety and comfort of your own home. We dusted off our scripts, ironed our costumes, rehired our designers plus added a team of videographers and shot our show on a beautiful piece of countryside (generously loaned to us by one of our patrons) located on the outskirts of Saint Paul. What better way to experience the antics of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn than inside a barn and outdoors on a rolling farmland? You won’t want to miss this. Our videographers used 3 cameras to make sure you have a front row seat!

This magical and hilarious story follows the small town adventures of twelve year-old Tom Sawyer growing up in the heartland of America along the banks of the Mississippi River. Tom, is a force of nature; he matches wits with his stern Aunt Polly and his irritating half brother Sid, falls in love with the beautiful Becky Thatcher and gets into several “pickles” with that irresistible renegade, Huckleberry Finn and all the other familiar characters from the book (Muff Potter, Joe Harper, Cousin Mary, the villainous Grizzly Joe and more.) Not only that but this show features an “onstage band” and is filled with live music that will keep your toes a tappin’ while warming your heart. Perfect for an audience of any age.

Already have tickets?

Everyone (Individuals and Group Leaders) who originally purchased a ticket for The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer in Spring 2020 will have access to watch Tom Sawyer on Vimeo as many times as they wish August 7-18, 2020. The individual who originally made the ticket reservation will be sent a confirmation letter which will include a link and a password on August 6, but remember that link will not go live until August 7.

Need Tickets?

No problem! You can purchase tickets using the the link below! And remember everyone gets a front row seat!

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We ask that you to be honorable and do not pass the link to those who have not purchased tickets, but rather encourage interested audience members to purchase tickets.

Get ready for some fun! Our creative volunteers have put together several themed activities that can help spice up your virtual experience! Make sure to post pictures of your fun and tag us! @cbptheatre

A Note on CB’s Final Adventure

COVID 19 has certainly caused havoc on small businesses throughout our country, especially small arts organizations such as CB Productions. Over the years, CBP has purposefully kept ticket prices low so that more families can enjoy high quality arts together, but due to our ever-rising production costs we have had to become dependent upon selling to large audiences to meet our budget needs. While I support the rules that are in place, limiting the size of large gatherings due to the infectious nature of the virus, I have decided “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer “ will be CB Productions’ FINAL SHOW. 

As I sit here and ponder the conclusion of CB Productions’ last show, I am filled with nothing but gratitude for the time we have spent together.   Those twenty years have sustained me and my family on so many levels.  As many of you know CBP originated after my husband was killed in a plane crash in 2000.  Ironically, it has also ended in an abruptly confusing and traumatic time for all of us.  So that time in between has been a shelter of support that allowed me to stay home with my two daughters, and continue a creative career in the Arts.  

That support has come in so many forms the least of which has been financial.  I have been surrounded by intentional homeschooling parents who have shared their children with me, worked with dedicated and engaged designers, and have been fortunate to build life-long friendships along the way.  

Something most you don’t know about me is that just two years before my husband died I had stepped down as Executive/Artistic Director of SteppingStone Theatre, which I had founded and ran tirelessly for 10 years and was starting a business drawing wood barns.  I was commissioned to do this around Wisconsin; a way of getting back to my roots!  However, after Steve died I had to be there for my girls both emotionally and financially and my plans of becoming a visual artist were not sustainable.  Additionally, before COVID-19 hit us I started taking classes again in the botanical arts renewing my love for the medium.  Ironically (or not) concluding this creative collaborative endeavor in a BARN….leaves me with a sense of wonder.  If you’ve ever listened to me on my soapbox, you’ve heard me talk about the circle…the connection between the audience and the actors, how one things feeds another.  How profound that CBP ended in a BARN!  

So – after 40 years of working as a professional theater artist (actress, teacher, choreographer and director) and I move onto my next adventure please be assured that I will never lose my love for theater. I know the magic it has brought me and how it has opened my eyes and gave me a better understanding of the world. All I can offer now is the gift of my passion for the arts and that you carry a small piece of it in your heart.

Carla Barwineck

Your donation to help defray some of this costs of this video production is greatly appreciated.